NEW ART DROP: "Growth is Messy"

NEW ART DROP: "Growth is Messy"

Everybody, meet my newest labor of love :)

"Growth is Messy" - pen, stippling on paper

About 63 hours to complete- by far the most detailed and time consuming of my works thus far, but worth it!

Growing through what you’re going through as you move towards your goals can be the hardest part of your journey. It will require pain, sacrifice, perseverance, consistency, learning, unlearning, leaps of faith, healing, and weathering through endless unknowns. It’s a struggle, a climb, and it’s not linear. There are twists and turns and sometimes you feel like you’re going backwards. Sometimes, it means carving your own path where there isn’t one. Sometimes, it means the leaps of faith feel like shots in the dark. Sometimes, it feels like you’re falling instead of flying. And no matter how many self help books you read or motivational speeches you listen to, there is no textbook to follow because your journey and your LIFE are your own. And no one can live it for you.

To live and thrive involves growth. You cannot have one without the other. Without it, you are simply existing. You float in your comfort zone, and that might feel safer. But you are cheating yourself and your potential if you think that that is all there is to your life. Growth doesn’t happen in comfort. And the BEST version you doesn’t live there either. It's messy....and so is life. But if we choose to face it, there is progress in the mess. Redirection in the hurdles. Lessons in the challenges. Courage in the fear.

Growth is a path of discovery, intention, discipline, compassion, resilience, and more. And true growth is never done.  It is as humbling as it is empowering, painful as it is beautiful. It is both lonely and a lesson on who your true support is. As scary as they can be, choosing healing and growth are NEVER a wrong decision. If you’re choosing them, then as painful as certain stages feel, you will aways become better for it. And as dark as it may seem around you in the process, there is always a light to move towards. Even when there seems to be no way, there is. You keep taking one step at a time, and I promise you, you’ll get there,

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