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Foundations (1/1 AY ORIGINAL)

Foundations (1/1 AY ORIGINAL)

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Hand drawn original artwork, stippling/pointillism on paper. (Red AY Logo placed for watermarking purposes only. Original does not show watermark)

Completion time: 30 hours

Matted and framed (16"x20" frame)

In life our foundation is key. It grounds us. It’s molded by our values, morals, priorities. And it is what we build ourselves, careers, futures, and homes on. The strongest of foundations can last generations, even centuries, and is what we build our legacy on….and it is what remains in the aftermath of the storms that break us.

It is what we can build on again when broken. When the smoke clears, and we are looking for a direction to turn, it is our foundation that helps us remember who we are and what we really need. Battered, weathered, and scarred it still stands and is the ground we can find the will to get back up again.

Who we want to be is built on who we are….may we do the work to make sure it is made of the best of us, for that is what we will be remembered by. 

Care information

- Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading

- Hang/display your print(s) or original artwork in a space away from airborne grease, dust and/or pollutants (ie. smoke, etc), as they can discolor the art

- To clean, dust with a clean, soft rag. Do NOT use cleaning products or water, as these will permanently damage originals/prints

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