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Art by AY Co.

Hear Me Roar (1/1 AY ORIGINAL)

Hear Me Roar (1/1 AY ORIGINAL)

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Hand drawn ORIGINAL stippling/pointillism on paper. (Red AY Logo placed for watermarking purposes only. Original does not show watermark)

Matted and framed (16"x20" frame) 

I think everyone has felt this raw emotion at some point or another. Whatever that is for you - grief, fear, frustration, anger, shame, regret, despair, helplessness, heartbreak, pain, betrayal, and/or everything in between...whether you've worn your emotions on your sleeve, or have chosen to lock them away silently, you have felt this...maybe more than once. But it is what you do in the midst of this feeling that makes all the difference. Do you choose to stay drowning in those emotions? Do you lock them away in an attempt to avoid feeling at all? Do you stand back up? Do you come back stronger? Do you heal and grow?

Rock bottom doesn't have to be the ending. Stand up one more time. Roar. Come back stronger than ever

Care information

- Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading

- Hang/display your print(s) or original artwork in a space away from airborne grease, dust and/or pollutants (ie. smoke, etc), as they can discolor the art

- To clean, dust with a clean, soft rag. Do NOT use cleaning products or water, as these will permanently damage originals/prints

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