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Art by AY Co.

Phoenix Rising PRINT

Phoenix Rising PRINT

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Print of hand drawn original artwork, stippling/pointillism on paper. (Red AY Logo placed for watermarking purposes only. Original does not show watermark)

Completion time: 41hrs 12min!

Sizes (framed option also available):

Large - Matted to fit 11"x14" frame 

Medium - Matted to fit 8.5"x11" frame

True transformation is…..Changing, growing, redefining, unlearning parts of you that no longer serve you, while learning the new....Fighting FOR yourself - not against yourself....Dying to your old self and finding the courage to create your new self….as many times as it takes.

That journey takes time. It’s difficult and often excruciatingly uncomfortable when you’re repeatedly rising after failing, falling, or both. It takes courage to rise from the ashes - as many times and in as many ways as you need to - to become the best version of you. It takes courage to feel the fear, but continue anyways. You won’t have all the answers to feel “ready” to face those waves of change. No one ever does. But in those storms, the rising dawn light brings new hope. New opportunities…. While also reminding you of how far you’ve come as you work on who you want to be. Shine your light through your scars. You never know where your transformation will lead.

Care information

- Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading

- Hang/display your print(s) or original artwork in a space away from airborne grease, dust and/or pollutants (ie. smoke, etc), as they can discolor the art

- To clean, dust with a clean, soft rag. Do NOT use cleaning products or water, as these will permanently damage originals/prints

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